Gabrielle Garcia Steib


Cyanotype on fabric of a woman labeling bananas with stickers & Banana Land (front page)




United States


28 x 43 cm/12 x 20 cm


Cyanotype and Risograph

Credits: Courtesy of Gabrielle Garcia Steib, Moisés Méndez, Antonia Zennaro, Tulane Library. Photography: Gabrielle Garcia Steib

Based in New Orleans, USA, but with family origins in Mexico and Nicaragua, Gabrielle Garcia Steib’s work investigates US intervention in Latin America throughout the twentieth century, paying particular attention to the traces left by this interventionism on the bodies and landscape of the region. Interested in the relationships established with the places one inhabits and comes from, Garcia Steib is the author of the visual archive Imágenes de Nicaragua (Images of Nicaragua), hosted on Instagram, which collects family photographs of Nicaraguan migrants living in the United States. Cyanotype on fabric of a woman labeling bananas with stickers & Banana Land (front page) is part of the research project Banana Land, conducted by the artist together with Antonia Zennaro and Moisés Méndez. The project, with an exhibition and a publication, is based on archival material from the United Fruit Company and researches the multinational’s interventions throughout Latin America during the 20th century. Her works for this project are interventions of archival images with color and text through different printing techniques, such as screen printing and cyanotype. In these works, Garcia Steib explores how politics and economics are expressed through images and contribute to shaping collective memory.