Antonia Zennaro


Banana Land Mobile






22.8 x 22.8 cm


Tulane archives of the United Fruit Company, papier-mâché hoop, embroidered hoops wrapped in banana leaves, dried bananas flower gold plated with 23k gold, debris, hand-printed organdie fabric.

Credits: Courtesy of the artist and Gabrielle Garcia Steib. Archival photos from Tulane University

 Antonia Zennaro’s large ephemeral installation Banana Land Mobile is part of a project called Banana Land by Gabrielle Garcia Steib, Moisés Méndez, and the artist herself. The work, whose mobile structure is composed of a network of textiles and photographs, recomposes the most emblematic moments of the neocolonial legacy of the United Fruit Company wherever the company expanded its tentacles through the cultivation of bananas. With its embroidered hoops, the installation is reminiscent of a dreamcatcher with which to confront the traumatic memory of the history of foreign multinationals operating in Central America and the Caribbean. Zennaro includes copies of archival images of the UFC and photographs taken by herself over ten years of traveling in the region (Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua). Printed on translucent canvas, the photographs produce a play of light and shadow that alludes to the fragile balance between the factual and the narrative in the configuration of history. The Banana Land Mobile installation was accompanied by the publication of a small glossary of terms related to banana monoculture.